This is how I USE my math skills in my life.

Our problem is that these kids do not see any value in math if they are not using it for something useful. It needs to be relevant and challenging. Over my 20 years teaching, I have found the majority of students who were previously bored or hopeless suddenly blossom and “jump into action” when there is something to DO. 

My little engineer …

I remember the timid kid who came to me in 9th grade because she like astronomy and telescopes. She heard I had one in mothballs in the back room and wanted to see about it. I told her it needed some work before it would function. She diligently worked to locate the old documentation, find the problem, order a part, and fix the telescope.

Women, what the F*@K are you doing?

You obnoxious women are disappointing me.  I know Kara Swisher would say, “I don’t care” like she does at the end of her podcasts. I was listening to her podcast this morning and it occurred to me that this is the perfect answer. I’ve been thinking about this for years and I had to get this off my mind. Read it all, please, before you scalp me. 

Question: What is the best way to respond?

When your evidence-based statement is met with “personal incredulity,” what is the best way to respond in a situation where it is important the person learns? From Quora. When I look at this question, the part that stands out to me is this: “… it is important that the person learns…” The best way I […]

Question: What is the psychology behind being adventurous, and why is it worth developing this trait?

Seeking novel experiences is one of the earliest behaviors babies exhibit. Even more telling is what happens if novel experiences are absent: A well known developmental milestone for the age of 2 months is that babies will begin to cry if their environment doesn’t change … they will experience pain simply from the boredom of their situation.