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17 thoughts on “About (updated)”

  1. I don’t think I’ve read too many descriptive about pages. Yours is awesome!
    You’ve had an interesting life. I’ve been blogging a few years now (when I was laid off 3 years ago) and I’m currently on my 3rd blog and finally have made some connections with other bloggers.

    I love blogging. It allows me to be creative and develop relationships with people all over the world. I’m an extrovert and would just die if I couldn’t “chat it up” with all sorts of characters. I prefer being on my blog (or reading others) vs. picking up a book.

    Feel free to stop by my blog again, we have a wonderful group! Everyone is connected! A lot of great people. You might find a connection with my friend Mark, from the Idiot Speaketh. He had back surgery done, and it basically crippled one of his legs. He just recently had another surgery. I think he is in the process of a book on his legal battle with the surgeon.

    Where are you in CA?

    Lake Forest, CA


    1. Thanks! I’ve been enjoying the blog world for about a year now. It is so much better to share and meet people in a purposeful, focused way. I much prefer to spend my free time doing this instead of watching braindead TV or looking through super commercialized web pages.

      I honestly didn’t expect this to be as much of a social activity as it has become! Imagine me sitting around: “Nobody wants to read all this random stuff in my head anyway”

      The more I share and the more I read about other people’s lives, the more interesting it becomes!

      I’m up around a few mountain ranges from you it looks like … in Palmdale. It’s quite a long and convoluted story how I ended up here from my childhood in south Texas.

      Thanks for stopping by =)


    1. Thanks for stopping by. I think yours is quite detailed and interesting. I just put a lot in a small space on mine, partly because I like lists and partly because I’m a shy chicken and had to force that much out.


    1. Well I guess the chicken part was that it took me almost a year to get relaxed enough with blogging to even want to put that stuff up there =) Before that i was happy with a vague few sentences.

      Thanks for stopping by!


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