Day 30: What next?

I think this is an appropriate photo for the end of this journey and the start of a new and exciting one. I took this photo this week while I was working on one of my other new semi-regular activities.

Long-story-short: I messed up 2 discs in my back about 10 years ago and I haven’t been able to so much as walk in the mall for 30 minutes without serious repercussions. But it has gotten better each year and it is now to the point that I can walk some legitimate distance (>3 miles at a time) and actually call it exercise. But that is another project …

Since I won’t be home for Christmas, I’m going to just post this last installment of my 30 Days of Creativity right now. I’m in the mood to reflect and decide what to do next anyway. And hey, it’s my blog so I bend the rules as I see fit.

The original goal of this 30 days thing was just to try to choose something simple and enjoyable that I could stick with. I put a little reminder in my phone calendar just in case. I only forgot about it 7 times out of 30, which isn’t bad for me. So the little calendar reminder going off kept me honest.

So I was able to stick with it. Now what? I have really enjoyed getting back into photography, even though I only have a 4 year old point and shoot camera and an iPhone 4. Between the two of them, I think I did pretty well.

I’m thinking of continuing the photography tradition with a 365 day photo posting thing that seems to be all the rage on the blogs right now. I’ll probably give myself permission to not have to comment on each photo if I’m not feeling inspired. Same rules: post a photo, taken at some time by myself, each day.

But one of the other goals was to expand this idea and work towards the exalted “Sarah” level of creativity. According to her sage advice, it is quite exhilarating to make 2 lists and all such things and surprise yourself each month with a semi-random project for that month. I feel very intimidated by it all.

As if sensing my balking, and timing her moves ever so cleverly, Sarah has setup a network for like minded 12-month-type creative folks so that the more chicken of us can have some support and share ideas. It even includes options to make it 12 months or 30 days or whatever the heck floats your boat.

So in addition to continuing my photography tradition, which is rather an easy habit now that I’ve gotten the hang of it, I’m going to plan some sort of year long extravaganza on the We Will Create network.

And We Will Create … something


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