Day 29: Death Island!

Ok so this might look like an innocent little island out there in that lake. It may even look inviting.

It did to my daughters when we went camping nearby a while back. We somehow got the bright idea that it would be so awesome to swim out to that island and explore.

I nearly drown halfway out there and I had to drag along one of the kids with me as she was in the same shape as I was. Of course, the older one is a fish girl and was waiting on the other side already. It is a lot farther out there than it looks, especially for those of us that haven’t swam since that one semester long class in college quite some years ago.

The little island was very fun to explore. There were some interesting rocks (I like rocks) jutting out of the exposed areas and a smooth runway that went from one side to the other. For the trip back to the mainland, I kept a very careful pace and we made it safely.


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