Day 13: Bird Space!

I happened to see these birds at work today. They were very social and marching around telling each other what to do. I learned that the end of the branch is the most coveted position. They kept spacing each other out to almost exactly one “bird length” and squawking about it. As one would inch in the other would yell at him to back off. As one flew away, the others would inch together or perhaps one from a lower branch would come up to the top.

Birds have a funny social life. They seem to rely on each other totally to find food and watch for predators, but they argue the whole time. They desperately want their personal space, yet they cannot stand to be alone. I think nature must have put in these funny contradictions just to keep the photographers entertained.

The sky was very bright and blue today. I tried to tone down the color so the tiny birds in the colorful leaves took the stage. I like how it turned out.


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