Don’t judge a cover by its book

I was roaming around on the WordPress tonight looking at different things. I would consider myself still a “novice” at blogs and such, but I’m finding it interesting. I like to peek in on random topics that I don’t usually follow or even think about and just see what’s going on.

Well, me being random and all that, I started thinking about how all these blogs I was stalking through had something interesting in common. I really can’t take a quick peek and understand what is going on in there. I mean, I really have to read a few posts, see how often they are updated, read the obligatory “about me” stuff, and maybe look at who else has “liked” that stuff.

With a blog, a person can design whatever cover they like, whether it really fits the book or not. And I still don’t really understand. Then I got to thinking this: what do these people look like? What do they eat for lunch? What do they do for a job everyday? Do they have kids? Mac or PC? Crunchy or Creamy?

Some of them offer up some of the details outright, but many leave it up to the imagination. And, let me tell you, I can imagine quite a bit. It’s just such a mystery, I guess, and got me very interested. For me, interested means I thought about it for more than 5 minutes but less than 30 minutes. What would it mean if I thought about it for 30 minutes? In a row??? It would mean I was being coerced, since paying me wouldn’t be enough. Random, I know.

It is so interesting to see details about people with different lives and in different countries and cultures. I haven’t traveled much, though I’d love to some time, but I would bet even traveling would not give quite as good a picture of the book inside the cover as reading a bit of a blog. It is a kind of window into the heart of a person. And some people hide their windows deftly. They design the cover to camouflage.

I’m not sure if they do it on purpose. Let’s face it, most of us do not have elaborate skills and all such things that would allow us to design the “perfect” cover for our book. We wander through a few choices and pick the pretty one, not at all thinking that it might really represent the cover of our book. Sure, some do put thought into the look of the blog, but I have so far found those to be the exception. I think I would be much more likely to see a well thought out cover in person.

So for now, I’m enjoying peeking inside all of these books, with their cryptic covers, and getting to know people in some semi-anonymous way. In a way, I think it’s maybe more of an honest report than you might get from many people. It is unclouded by social inhibitions and shyness. It is possibly a more thoughtful way to communicate. I know I would never had said this much if I were saying it in person.



  1. Hi skeptycal: Another great post. I enjoy “peaking into your book” and I think others will too, so I have nominated you for The Liebster Blog award.

    This award is given to blogs with less than 200 followers who deserve a little recognition. There are a few simple rules that go along with the award.

    They are as follows as passed on to me:
    1. Give a shout out to the blogger who nominated you by linking back to their blog.
    2. Nominate 5 other blogs with less than 200 followers.
    3. Spread the good blog karma.
    Lastly, don’t forget to add the Liebster blog award image to your post.
    Best wishes.


    1. Thank you very much! It is nice to be noticed =) Now I have to craft some sort of semi-professional sounding post and share some of the interesting other writer’s I’ve found.


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