Egypt … really?

egypt_pyramidsSo I’m curious about the recent Egypt situation. I’ve heard that Egypt has been our (the US) partner for many years. It is a wonderful tourist destination. Personally, I have longed to visit the pyramids for 30 years.

So now the media is trying to convince me that Egypt has been a horrible axis of tyranny all of my life. I don’t follow world events closely, so this came as a surprise to me. I see the stories on the science channel and nat-geo and they never mention anything about the horrible atrocities committed by the billionaire geriatric dictator.

Suddenly, thousands of people are revolting and the army is on their side. How could this be happening! How could hundreds of thousands of people be so unhappy – enough to risk death or prison by defying the evil regime – and all I’ve ever heard is how wonderful the desert is at preserving archaeological relics.

It always seems very strange to me when something this huge, something involving thousands or people, happens so quickly.

Of course, this isn’t my question. The answer to this one is simple. It’s just that I don’t follow world events and have little interest in politics most of the time. In fact, as I write this, I’m watching reruns of America’s Next Top Model. So it’s not surprising that I know little about the political landscape of a country in north Africa.

My question is: why is it only news when the people revolt against many years of terror. Why wasn’t the horrible mistreatment common knowledge or at least a national news story in the US during the last 30 years? Why is it only on the news now that the people are doing something about it?

I had a roommate for over a year who grew up in Egypt. He speaks Egyptian at home. He watches Egyptian slapstick sitcoms that he has recorded on old VHS tapes. He lived in Egypt until he was near 20. He told me stories about going to school in Egypt as a youngster.

One of the main things that stood out to me were his recollection that every teacher in Egypt has a favorite “stick” to hit students with. Students who cant afford to pay the teachers for ‘tutoring’ after school get no education and get hit more often.

It sounded like a horror to me that only students with money to pay for the extortion ‘tutoring’ sessions would be allowed to proceed undamaged.

I wonder why this wasn’t a news story. I wonder why it still isn’t a news story now. What are the schools like for Egyptian children? Does anyone else know? All I have is one first hand account from a witness, but I believe him. He described a dungeon with ongoing torture, manipulation, and terror.

Why is the media or the US government choosing to make this ‘revolt’ the main news story now? Why are they targeting me to hear this now? What are these guys up to that they need me to suddenly be against the Egyptian government instead of picturing them as a staunch ally, which is how they have painted Egypt in the media for most of my life?

Why do I need to dislike Egypt at this point in history for someone’s plan to work out?



  1. I agree with you – I’ve never heard of all this horrible stuff going on in Egypt either! Definitely came as a surprise. I have to wonder if this has been in the news somewhere in the past, but I was too young or too wrapped up in my own life’s dramas to even pay attention. Who knows. All I know is that in the past year or so it has become more important to me to know what is going on in the world – at least on some level. I have a hard time watching the news on TV or reading it on the internet… so I listen to NPR on the radio each day instead. Somehow that format seems to work well – especially when I’m in the car and can really focus.

    So glad you started a blog brother!! Super cool!
    I look forward to reading more of your thoughts! =)


  2. What you need to know is this: this is just one example of many, many such stories. In fact, right here in the United States we have things going on no one is willing to tell you. For just one example, the myth that Indians get ‘Indian money’ and the lack of daily news that most tribes are still living in third world conditions without even reasonable, let alone decent, health care, education, housing, or even food.

    If you really want to know these things, you’ll have to take the initiative to find out via alternative news sources such as because the mainstream media does not consider informing you as their job. Their job is to bring profit to the large corporations that employ them to attract the masses to view the advertisements paid for by their sponsers.

    alt news list:

    Good luck honey,


    1. I wish I had the chance to travel more. I’m really interested to see what it is really like. Everywhere I have been so far the stereotypes and news to not really agree. At least I’ve noticed that. I’ll check out the link.



  3. I agree with Rose city Remona, traditional, corporate media driven news sources are definitely NOT the way to find out the truth of what is actually happening in both the United States and the world…. imagine how different the US would be if The People actually had a clue as to what their government was responsible for the world over…. I hope you will take a look at alternative news sources more often. Your questions about Egypt are telling…. why INDEED have Americans not heard about the terrors of so many countries over the last years? When you can get a solid answer to that question, you will understand much more about just how really ignorant most Americans actually are.
    (thanks for reading my blog, by the way.)


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